Business and Sales Development and Training for Medical Patient Monitoring and Surgical Lasers – Asia-Pacific/Europe

Welcome! My name is Franco Canestri.

I am a professional in the medical care business, in particular in sales and marketing for patient monitoring, ultrasound, products for accurate monitoring of patient positioning during radiotherapy and medical lasers for hospital ICU, CCU and OR departments.

Using direct and indirect sales channels, I have covered different management positions with Hewlett-Packard Medical, Agilent Technologies among others since 1986. I have also been developing several courses and seminars for the applications areas mentioned above, including “Train-the-Trainer” specialization programs.

The geographical regions I have been responsible for are Asia Pacific and EMEA.

In parallel to my field-based professional activities, I am still cultivating my scientific commitment which continues from the years spent at university: I publish scientific articles in international journals about the medical utilizations of lasers in surgery.

Should you have any questions about my professional experiences in the medical business or would like to discuss my scientific work, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you! Dr. Franco Canestri Ph.D.


Publications in the medical business (surgical lasers and minimally invasive surgery (MIS)) and also in signal/optical analysis industrial applications.


Read more about my background in the areas of sales, marketing, customer training and scientific publications.